Outsource Your Inconveniences and Responsibilities.
Trade them for Freedom and Flexibility


Swap your nagging responsibilities for freedom and flexibility with Solaire Concierge.

With more than a decade of experience providing stellar services to VIP clients, we’re more than just your go-to for errands. Think of us as the Fairy Godmother you never had.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your personal, home or professional life, we’re ready to work our lifestyle management magic – and, what’s more, we’ll do it with a smile.

From booking your morning gym session to arranging the party of a lifetime, we’ll take the organizational headache off your hands. So, wave goodbye to domestic drudgery and hello to more free-time doing the things you love.

How We Can Help

Imagine your daily routine without the daily grind. No chores to complete, no errands to run, no phone calls to make.  Imagine a schedule organized so seamlessly that all you have to is show up.

We want to create a world where stepping through your front door after a long day means hours of you-time – not hours ticking off tedious jobs, while time ticks away.

From the small tasks like organizing bookings, appointments and travel plans, to the big projects like home improvements, vacations and events, our goal is to tackle the tasks that leave you drained – and bring balance and calm back to your daily routine.

And, perhaps, whisk you away for a weekend in Paris or two. But that’s up to you.

After all, you’ll have the time.




What We Offer

We aim to ensure that your life runs smoothly and to organize your life as best possible. If there are other services you are interested in that are not listed, please get in touch, and one of our teams highly experienced concierges will be happy to help.

Personal Concierge Services

Each of our Personal Services clients are treated to a tailored solution. We provide this service to parents struggling to keep up, professionals who are too busy in their working lives to deal with little necessities, and anyone who wants to get more out of their lives.

Corporate Concierge Services

Whether you are a small or large business owner that requires some relief to be more productive and profitable, Solaire Concierge is here to help on all professional administrative tasks. We have a highly experienced team who boast many years in this line of work, providing services to VIP clientele.

Home Management Services

Our Home Concierge Team is focused on the details of our clients’ residence. We make sure that your home is maintained to the highest standards. Whether it is an urgent or creative project or renovation we will be there every step of the way.

Our Values

We know that handing the details of your life over to us is a big step. That’s why building genuine relationships with our clients is at the heart of what we do. We strive every day to not only bring pride, passion and joy to our work, but integrity and honesty too.

No matter what task you delegate to us, you can trust us to provide impeccable customer care, quality results, and a fully confidential service.